One to Watch: Are you ready for takeoff?

Do your potential clients’ eyes glaze over when you start talking about your process? It doesn’t have to work that way, folks. Buckle up and I’ll tell you how Center for Financial Planning took onboarding to new levels.


The team at The Center had never used airplane analogies in their process, so this video didn’t write itself. It started in a brainstorming call when someone said something like, “We need a video that preps clients for their first meeting … kind of like before you takeoff on a flight.” It was as if a giant finger snapped in the air over our heads! Onboarding financial planning clients = onboarding airplane passengers.

Behind the Scenes at Center for Financial Planning


Behind the scenes on this shoot, there was some wardrobe planning for the star Jaclyn, and some special props designed by Idea Decanter’s creative czar Sharon (note Jaclyn’s pin with The Center logo and the back-of-the-seat brochures). 

Lesson to all of you in the midst of planning a project: It doesn’t take a real airplane to make an airplane video. All you need is imagination and the right team to get you going!

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