One to Watch: Meakem Group gets “Smart About Money” 

Actionable items, everybody loves them. It’s what keeps the self-help section alive at the bookstore and listicles so successful online.  Inspirational messages are all fine and dandy, but nothing beats concrete steps to reach a goal. 

Traci Richmond of the Meakem Group not only gives real world advice about teaching your kids about money, but also concrete ideas for you to implement with your own kids. Our favorite of the series has got to be “At the Grocery Store.”  A big part of that has to be because 6 year-olds are so joyful when it comes to pushing carts around. 


As mentioned, 6 year olds are so energetic, so we had to go quick and mobile with GoPros, small mirrorless cameras, and a mini gimbal to create this fun, action-packed shopping excursion. Finding unique angles to film in the store to tell a unique visual story was key. Look for the GoPro in the cart. It’s our favorite shot!

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