One to Watch: Steckler Wealth Management

How do you show First Class service and support?

When we flew to Miami to film for Laura Steckler and her team at Steckler Wealth Management, the trip wasn’t just palm trees and great Cuban food (ah, the vaca frita). We wanted to make sure their website video illustrated their Ritz-Carlton sort of commitment to service. This priority became clear from the Discovery Process we’d gone through with the team.

The Discovery Process helps us delve deeper into your business identity and capture the core values of your brand. We use it to uncover priorities like “Ritz-Carlton-like service.” Here’s how it works for you: 


You don’t need an avatar or a celebrity doppelganger (although that’s fun). What you need to think about is: 

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What are their problems?
  • How can you help?

With the Steckler team, we established the key target audience and built her messaging to speak directly to that audience.


This is the fun part for us! Before you write your script take some time to think about how you want your clients to perceive your brand.. What sets you apart? For Laura’s team it was their commitment to Ritz-Carlton level service that they wanted to convey to their prospects and clients.

How do you define your company brand? Here are some Key words to get you started:


Okay, this may feel like putting the cart before the horse but when you know how and where your video will be used, it can help you hone your message to really connect. We knew from the beginning that we were building a website-based homepage video, so the message had to attract new prospects as well as speak to long-time clients. 

Check out the entire new website featuring the Idea Decanter video here and see how the video turned out here:

The Discovery call is just one of our 16 steps in the Idea Decanter Process.

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