PODCAST: Juice Cleanses & Donuts (the real story behind prepping for your video shoot)

Some people make video marketing look easy. You know who I’m talking about. They roll into your LinkedIn feeds and pop into your inbox with great videos. Well that could be you, too!

When podcasting guru Matt Halloran of ProudMouth (formerly Top Advisor Marketing) invited us to be on his podcast, we were excited to help you prep for your shoot so you could get started making video work for you.


If you’ve ever had these questions, we have your answers:

01:40 Do I need to do a juice cleanse to get camera ready?

02:20 What do I need to wear to look slimmer on camera?

03:15 What’s the secret to setting up the right camera angle to look my best?

05:00 What equipment do I need for shooting at my home or office?

07:30 What’s the best video for my homepage?

08:45 How do I know if my messaging is right or if I’m telling the right story?

10:00 What’s the easiest way to make my message connect with the viewer?

11:30 How does Idea Kit remote video work? Well, thank you for asking!

14:10 What’s the deal with the business prevention department (aka compliance)?

15:40 How much time can I expect the editing phase to take?

18:15 What do donuts have to do with remote video? (also see 01:45 on juice cleanses)

19:30 Seriously, how much time does it take to make a video with Idea Kit?

20:45 How do you know if you’re talking “at” people instead of “to” people?

21:20 What’s one of the biggest mistakes I want to avoid when I’m figuring out my story?

23:20 What tips do you have to help me calm down before I record?

24:40 How do the pros prepare?

Want to hear the first podcast in the mini-series, “What’s the Secret to Great Video?” Here’s the link:

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