PODCAST: Make your Video a Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

You’ve recorded your video! Woo-hoo! Once you’re done with your high fives or your happy dance, it’s time to get down to business. And that’s where the most mistakes happen.


You don’t want your video marketing efforts to fail, so your first step to success is to think of your video as a Swiss Army Knife of marketing. There are many ways to use a video and here’s where to start:

  1. It has to “live” somewhere
  2. Then think about your website
  3. And sending it through email
  4. Don’t forget to share it on social

We cover all these steps with podcasting guru Matt Halloran of ProudMouth (formerly Top Advisor Marketing). He asked us for our secrets when it comes to pushing out your video and we were excited to share!

Bonus: If you’d like to turn this podcast into an interactive game, take a drink every time we say the word “functionality.” Have fun playing along!


If you’ve ever had these questions, we have your answers:

02:05 Should I post my video to YouTube?

03:28 Is Vimeo a good option for hosting? Or maybe Wistia?

05:50 Where does my video go on my website?

06:35 Is emailing my video really important?

08:10 How can I avoid breaking someone’s inbox?

09:25 What are the secrets for getting the most bang for my buck from video on social?

10:20 Do I really need to proofread the AI-generated captions?

11:15 What’s the video time limit on Twitter?

12:30 Do I need to pay to boost my post on Facebook?

13:30 How do I know if my videos are working?

15:20 What’s the best way to track my performance to gauge success?

18:00 Are there 3 ideas I can borrow from the success Make-A-Wish has with video marketing?

19:20 What do “marketing momentum” and “social proof” mean?

20:00 Are captions / subtitles really important?

20:45 Are numbers or referrals a better focus when I’m evaluating success?

22:05 Should I use video to actually ask for referrals?

Want to hear the most popular podcast in the mini-series: Juice Cleanses & Donuts (the real story behind prepping for your video shoot)? Here’s the link:

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