PODCAST: Sharing your firm story through video

You can make connections by getting personal or educate your audience while building your expertise, all with the click of a play button. We had the chance to be interviewed by podcast host Jake Wagner of Digital Marketing 4FP about all that financial advisors are doing with video these days. Have an extra 42 minutes of down time in your life? Neither do we, but we always love to multi-task to a podcast. Here’s a cheat sheet for all you speed listeners who want to skip ahead:

2:30 What should my videos be about?

3:30 Leveling up from the written word

4:45 Bringing your authentic POV to your audience

7:50 Onboarding new clients with an Airplane Video from the team at Center for Financial Planning

10:45 Laura attempts hard math (don’t judge)

11:40 Pre-shoot jitters and fixes in post-production

14:45 Do I need to know how to produce a video? (it’s no mystery)

16:30 Sharon talks about the video “gateway drug”

19:00 Getting real (this one’s about you, Doug)

21:45 The MOST IMPORTANT step that so many people skip

26:40 What you could be doing with video on Facebook that you didn’t even know about (Sharon talks pixels!)

30:45 Taking your bio to the big screen

32:15 When your video needs a refresh

35:00 Jake talks about “exposing yourself”

37:00 How to get started — even if it’s DIY

39:30 A little something special for the listeners! #freebie

We hope you enjoy listening to episode 2 of Jake’s video marketing series: How to Use Video for your Marketing Needs. Even though it’s our first podcast interview ever (which you have probably guessed by now), Jake did call it, “A really special something.” That has the ring of a heartfelt endorsement!

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