PODCAST: Video is a Powerful Marketing Tool — It’s Science!

What’s at the top of your “intentions for 2021” list?

Me? I make a personal and a professional goals list. Mainly because I love looking back 12 months later and seeing what has changed in my life. There’s also power in writing it down.

If “growing my business” is on your list, then video marketing should be one of your next steps.


We can all agree that 2020 taught us many things. Ask Ross Marino — financial planner, author, speaker and CEO of Advisor2X, and self-proclaimed “guy who doesn’t want to do phone calls anymore.” He firmly believes that video is more powerful than a phone call.

Ross asked me to be a guest on his OUTCOMES Podcast after we talked about how the pandemic had pushed so many advisors off the fence and into video marketing for a couple of reasons:

  1. One was that face-to-face with clients wasn’t happening as much.
  2. There’s also the science behind why video makes us feel connected and helps build trust. Research suggests your brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text — all of the expressions and gestures add volumes to your message.


Take 25 minutes and listen to Ross’ podcast while you consider whether now is the time to launch your own video strategy. You’ll hear about what to wear, how to create “next-level content,” and how to “not look crazy on camera!”

Once you’ve learned some of our tricks to feeling confident and creating great content, check out our easy, remote video process: Idea Kit.

You can cast your own vision for the future of your practice. This is your year to make it happen!

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