Podcast: Video Secrets spilled to Top Advisor Marketing

What’s the secret to great videos? That’s a question we answer every day because there are pitfalls to avoid and ways to prepare that will take your videos from good to great. And if you’re planning on using a video as a tool to convert prospects to clients, then it should be great.


When Matt Halloran of Top Advisor Marketing invites you to be a guest on his podcast, of course it’s a, “Hell yes!” But you also have to be prepared because you never know what kind of podcasting curveballs he’s going to throw your way.

In part one, Laura and Sharon explain how to be authentic in your videos, how to keep compliance happy, and video blunders to avoid. If you want to give your prospects and clients content they want to hear in a way that markets you, then this podcast is for you:

Don’t have 32 minutes but still want to grab a secret or two? Here’s your cheat sheet if you want to skip ahead:

01:30 Our wine-laden business backstory

05:02 How Idea Decanter is a bit like a restaurant (crazy chef and all!)

06:50 The most valuable real estate for your video

07:45 How to talk about yourself but connect with your audience

09:20 One of the biggest video scripting mistakes to avoid

10:30 Solving the problem of compliance (aka the business prevention department)

11:45 Sounding like yourself and speaking from the heart while conquering compliance

15:10 Love fest for the queen of the “Why” story (aka Deirdre Van Nest)

17:15 Why graphs, facts & figures are wrong and why your stories are right

19:00 Sharon’s “Why” Story: The photographer who didn’t want to come out from behind her camera

21:00 Laura’s “Why” Story: A true story of an on-camera disaster

27:00 How to pivot your marketing strategy at the drop of a hat when the world changes

28:55 Using video as a relationship-building tool that converts prospects to clients

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