Raymond James’ Practice Intelligence Workshop Got Advisors Hopping

As we pulled up to the hotel (history of the Charleston Place with Presidents staying there), the nostalgia we felt wasn’t just for history. It was for getting back to in-person events.

This was just our second speaking engagement since COVID changed the event landscape in March of 2020. When the Raymond James practice management organizers extended an invitation to train advisors to create marketing videos, we jumped at the chance. Little did they know, Sharon would have them on their feet jumping and hopping around to get rid of those pre-shoot jitters. This may have been the highlight of the workshop. It’s a good thing we caught Sharon on camera!

We covered a lot in our “Convert Prospects to Clients in 2 Minutes” workshop. When you have 3 hours, you can get deep into a subject. Advisors had the chance to work with us to build a year-long video content plan. The next stop was their personal story. With starter questions in hand, they answered questions that would be the backbone of a powerful “get to know me” script. And finally, we hit the hopping around. Getting comfortable on camera is

“Learned some great tips and tools on how to make my videos even better. Well instructed and well guided.”

“Loved the tools, tips and secrets to making video. They gave us information we can take home and use in a DIY format.” 

“Really good workshop, and the interaction and practicing was excellent!”

Architectural Tour – saw some celeb houses including Steven Colbert and Bill Murray. Ate delicious seafood and got to meet some great advisors and hang out with our current Idea Kit clients.

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