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Raymond James Approved Video Solutions

Create • Engage • Convert

Video can be a powerful marketing tool. Many financial advisors are attracting new clients with video, and so can you.

With Idea Decanter’s proven Connect with Clients Formula, you can start creating your own videos — either on-site or remotely. Don’t worry. You’ll get help through every step of the process, and in just weeks, you can have custom content to help you engage both your clients and your prospects.

Warning: This is not a cookie-cutter solution. Your videos are just as unique as your business. Are you ready to start converting more leads into clients?


#1 Creating remote video starts with expert guidance to find your story, build your content strategy, and write your script.

#2 When it’s time to record, you can do it right from your office (or anywhere). All the gear you need arrives right on your doorstep. Use an app on your phone to join our remote studio for coaching and recording (teleprompter included).

#3 Once your record session is over, we’ll get to editing. Your project comes with two rounds of re-edits and training for how to use the final video.

Are you ready to start converting more prospects to clients?


You’ve probably heard the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

When it comes to prospects checking out your website, well-produced video content can help you make a great impression and a connection.

Our experienced production team is specialized in working with financial advisors like you. Together we can plan your custom content, coordinate your on-location shoot, and deliver highly-polished final videos for your website.

*Not available for RJL advisors

RJ Vetted. RJ Approved.

Your RJ Marketing experts know video is important. Putting tools into advisors’ hands is a top priority now, which is why Idea Decanter is proud to be an approved vendor for all Raymond James advisors — whether you are RJA, RJFS, RJL, or RCS. Not only do we work hand-in-hand with your compliance team, but we also offer you a special discount. For details, schedule a free 15-minute “Find Out More” call and make sure to mention Raymond James.