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Thanks to the power of your phone, making videos is easier than ever. You don’t have to be an Einstein to flip to selfie mode, press the red dot, and start talking. But as you’ve probably noticed on YouTube, just because you can make a video doesn’t mean that the video is good. Enter our new remote video option that takes the “Y” out of DIY video.


The idea behind Idea Kit remote video is that you get the power of an experienced production crew without giving up a day in your life for a shoot. You get the guidance of a producer crafting your messaging without the hassle of having to roll up your sleeves and figure out how to edit your own video. You get the accountability of our process to create videos on a schedule built for you without having to hire a drill sergeant to stand behind your shoulder in your office. And you get the functionality of making videos that are easy to use without sacrificing the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.


 To get started, a film kit will arrive on your doorstep like a box from Blue Apron but with no chopping required. We’ll get on a test call to help you set up your light and test your mic. We’ll also work with you in advance on your video concept, messaging, and delivery strategy. Scripting is an option too, though with our Q&A style interviews, you don’t need to write it out before the shoot.

Your record session is as easy as a conference call. Actually easier if you compare it to a conference call with team members spread around the globe where 13 people are all trying to chime in at once and someone’s dog is barking. You simply block an hour of your time and when the big moment comes,  just click on the link we email you and you’ll be launched into our virtual studio. Our team will be there waiting for you to direct you through the shoot. All you need to do is make sure your phone is fully charged and connected to Wifi. We’ll take care of the rest.

Once you hang up the call (we know, it’s hard to say good-bye), your videos are in our experienced hands. We’ll get to editing, add your branding and custom captions, and deliver professional video you can use. If you ever thought, “I would really like to add some video to my marketing strategy but it’s too expensive, time consuming, or complicated,” then Idea Kit is for you.


Bet you’re wanting to see this in action! Not only did we set up our own remote shoot — look for cameos from Laura & Donny and a best starring actress nomination for Sharon — we tackled the tough questions our clients are asking. (Well, actually these questions were really easy to answer, just like making video with Idea Kit!)


We think of it more as: What CAN’T you do with it? 

  • Get yourself into a regular Vlogging routine
  • Promote an upcoming Event
  • Capture Patient Testimonials
  • Introduce new Services
  • Use video to Recruit new Talent
  • Create internal Training Videos

Ready to schedule your Idea Kit shoot or just want to find out more about how it works and what it costs? Answers are a click away …

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