Record Your Pareto Stories

Pareto Advisors are using video to grow their business

Videos are a great way to help you build a personal connection (and save you time)! With Idea Kit, you can take the concepts you’ve learned from Pareto Systems and create videos that help grow your business. Use your videos to nurture your existing client relationships and engage your prospective clients, too. Check out some of these top advisors who were coached by Pareto Systems, then created custom content with Idea Kit:

The Essentials: Pareto Systems Turnkey 2-Video Package

You’ve put in the hard work learning the Pareto Systems method and using it to build or refine your process. Now it’s time to start thinking about how you can turn that messaging into video in a memorable way.

With “The Essentials,” you can create marketing videos based on the Pareto Systems language. Use it as a repeatable, simplified way to build relationships with prospective clients.

Your scripts are written. Your video experts are ready. All these stories need is you.

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How It Works

What are the video essentials? They bring to life two key pieces of how you’ve already learned to communicate your value. The stories will be familiar because they are built from the concepts you are using with your clients today: Shoot Your Trailer & Seven Pillars, One Process.

Your scripts are written. All you need is to do is customize them with some key details about you and your business. And all the gear you need for your shoot will arrive on your doorstep.

You’ll record your videos remotely with Idea Kit. During your session, you’ll be guided every step of the way which includies performance coaching and teleprompter techniques. Learn more about how remote video works here.

The editing is hands-off for you. We’ll add all the fancy graphics and visuals. In two weeks, you’ll have the first draft to review. Each video comes with two rounds of re-edits (one for you + one for compliance).

What’s holding you back from bringing the Pareto Systems fundamentals to life for your business? There’s no one better to explain how you work with clients than you.

Video #1: Shoot Your Trailer

With this video, you’ll help the prospective clients feel validated about meeting with you, understand how you’re different from their current advisor, and build motivation for them to want to work with you. Introduce viewers to FORM and the 3 P’s – the Philosophy, Planning Strategy, and Process that bring the client’s FORM goals to life.

Video #2: Seven Pillars, One Process

How are you communicating your value? It’s not in promoting goods or services. You promote the promise of the future. In this video, you’ll help prospective clients buy into your process, your vision, and your value.