Setting up Your YouTube Channel For Success

Think of setting up your YouTube channel like taking a road trip. As you travel along, you’re keeping your eyes on the road ahead, looking out for what’s in front of you. Hopefully you take the time to glance around and soak up your surroundings.

When it comes to establishing your business on YouTube, you have to take the road trip mentality. Know where you’re going (a channel that reflects the brand you’ve already built). Then take time to look around (make sure everything about your channel looks good). 

There are some important mile makers to pass as you set up your channel, but as you put in the work, make sure to take time to celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

STEP #1: Set Up Your Channel  

From the picture and banner image, to watermarks and branding, all will make your page look professional. Plus, you’ll increase your chances of converting prospects to clients with your videos. 

STEP #2: Create the Best Header 

What’s the first thing people see when they hit your YouTube page? The header image! It’s as important as the top of your website’s homepage. See step-by-step how to adjust the YouTube template to fit your brand. And get our template for Canva here. 

STEP #3: Upload Your First Video

You’re ready to start publishing videos, but WAIT! Follow this guide so you can disable comments (compliance will love you). Also see how to upload a custom thumbnail and start a playlist.

STEP #4: Save Time with Optimization 

Are you ready for an easy button for YouTube? Learn how to set up your channel so that your most important settings are locked in. Each time you upload a video, you’ll save yourself time. 

Download our Interactive YouTube guide.

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