Shhh! Ear-resistable: How to Capture the “Sound” of Success with your Sennheiser Mic

How many times have you watched your favorite TV series or a blockbuster film and found yourself asking, “What did they just say?” That comes down to a critical thing known as “sound recording and mixing”  a craft that audio specialists get paid millions to master in Hollywood. But fear not, our Audio Video Ace, Chris, is here to show you how it’s done just cuz’ he wants to help you make some noise!
Let’s set the stage, imagine you’re all set up for your Idea Kit session. Lights, camera, phone – everything’s in place. (You look fantastic by the way.) But there’s one thing missing: Your microphone. Let’s walk hand in hand down the audio recording lane and make sure you record with your mic right the 1st time:

1) Take out all the components: the Sennheiser lavalier mic, the clip, and the pop filter. Can’t find the pop filter? It’s small, black, soft, and fuzzy and probably hiding in the bag somewhere. You also have an extension cable and a phone adapter. Got it all? Great job, you’re on the right track!

2) Slide the clip onto the cord, bring it up to the mic, and pop that pop filter on.

3) Unwind the cord and plug the mic into your extension cable.

4) Connect that to your phone adapter, and then plug it into your cell phone via the charging port. Voilà, you’re almost there. It’s kind of like tying your shoes, isn’t it? But hold on, one more crucial step left.

5) You need to put on the mic correctly. Here’s how: Make sure it’s pointing vertically – that means upward – towards your money-maker-slash-mouth.  Meanwhile, the clip should be horizontal like this —>

If you get this right, your sound will be clear as a bell. DingDingDing!  Get it wrong? Well, you’ll end up more like a silent movie star.  Here’s one more Idea Decanter Audio Pro Tip: No need to take it all apart when you’re done. Keep your mic kit together in that handy bag we sent you store it with your lights so you’re ready to rock your next recording sesh’. And if you have any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re HEAR for you 😉

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