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Snappy Kraken and Idea Decanter Harness the Power of Video to Drive Business Growth for Advisors

The partnership will equip advisors with the tools, knowledge and resources to unleash the transformative power of video

ORMOND BEACH, FL – JULY 11, 2023 — (BUSINESS WIRE) –Snappy Kraken, the martech innovator serving financial advisors, today announced its partnership with Idea Decanter, a company driven by a fundamental belief in the power of video. This collaboration aims to address the challenges faced by advisors seeking to adopt video as a powerful marketing tool and will empower them to create engaging, impactful video campaigns with confidence.

More than nine out of 10 people report a desire for more brand videos in 2023, with an astonishing 82.5% of all web traffic projected to be online video. In spite of this immense potential, advisors often hesitate to create videos, grappling with both uncertainty and insecurity. The challenges are many as advisors must select a topic, script the content, deliver it confidently, record, and distribute it across the right channels. Additionally, advisors must overcome self-doubt and embrace vulnerability to effectively engage with prospects and clients through video.

Snappy Kraken and Idea Decanter have joined forces to offer advisors video strategies that will not only fuel their business success but also enable them to preserve their unique voice and message. The goal is to instill confidence, empowering advisors to fully embrace the opportunities of video marketing. Snappy Kraken clients are able to utilize Personal Connection Videos (PCVs), providing them with a streamlined approach to creating and promoting videos at scale. With access to pre-built PCV campaigns, advisors can personalize and record videos using the provided scripts. These videos can then be distributed across email and social media channels to drive awareness, attract subscribers, and humanize the advisor.

“Distributed via email and social media, these video campaigns will offer educational content that enriches relationships and drives connections for advisors,” said Robert Sofia, Chief Executive Officer of Snappy Kraken. “Empowering advisors with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to harness their full potential is our utmost priority.”

To kickstart the collaboration, Idea Decanter will be hosting the “Be a Creator Video Bootcamp” webinar exclusively for Snappy Kraken clients on July 12th. This webinar will teach advisors the fundamentals of video creation and provide insights into making their videos more effective. Additionally, Idea Decanter is offering the opportunity for Snappy Kraken clients to enroll in the highly anticipated “3 Weeks to Great Video Creator Series” workshop. Limited to 20 participants, this three-week program will equip advisors with the skills and knowledge to become proficient video creators. This workshop will be available for purchase within the Snappy Kraken platform.

Idea Decanter will write exclusive video scripts for use in Snappy Kraken’s PCV campaigns. These scripts will focus on various aspects of jobs and careers, catering primarily to young professionals. The first script, “Changing Jobs,” was published in May, followed by “Negotiating Your Best Offer” on June 28th. “Asking for a Raise” is scheduled for July, with “What to Do with Your Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)” planned for August. These scripts come as part of the membership package for PCV campaigns, with no additional fees.

Existing Snappy Kraken and Idea Decanter client Ari Baum, founder and chief executive officer at Endurance Wealth Partners, harnessed the power of video marketing to grow his book of business by 2.5x. He shared: “At its core, providing financial advice is a relationship business. Videos are a surefire way to keep client relationships fresh and engaging. Through video creation with Idea Decanter, I have gone from an advisor to an ally by making my clients feel more connected to the work we are accomplishing together.”

For more information about Snappy Kraken’s full menu of offerings and to experience its recently refreshed website, visit Those interested in working with Snappy Kraken can now schedule a demo for one or all of its products by clicking here.


Snappy Kraken is an award-winning marketing technology firm that provides original content, marketing automation, personalized website design and bold, unique marketing campaigns for the financial services industry. Data-informed decision-making drives each marketing campaign. Snappy Kraken received the 2022 Wealth Management Industry Award in the area of Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year for its Blend Out campaign. The prior year, Snappy Kraken won the WMIA Social Media Leadership for Technology Providers award for its annual marketing research report, and the Marketing Automation for Technology Providers award for its “Cold to Gold Framework”. Recognized by Benzinga in three categories in 2020 as well as by MarTech Breakthrough as best overall content marketing software three years in a row, Snappy Kraken ranked number eight and number three respectively on the last two Financial Planning Best Fintechs to Work For lists.

To learn more about Snappy Kraken’s solutions for financial advisors, including white-labeled enterprise solutions, and to use the new and enhanced tools recently announced, visit


Idea Decanter was built to produce videos that get results. The company’s unique virtual-studio solution, Idea Kit, allows financial advisors to create studio-quality videos with the support of a remote crew. Idea Kit videos are designed to win new clients, nurture relationships with existing clients, and make advisors look good every step of the way. In 2021 Idea Kit was named as a finalist for a Wealthies Award by Video campaign content created with Idea Kit again landed Idea Decanter as a finalist for both a Wealthies Award and a Luminaries Award in 2022. The company, co-founded in 2014 by Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula, has also received designation as a women-owned enterprise.

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