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Record with Confidence

Get ready to rock the camera.

Play Video
Play Video

Now it’s your turn. Use your phone camera or our Idea Kit iRecord to record a one-minute video about your biggest fear about video marketing. 

Here’s what you need:

Recording on your phone?

Here is our favorite teleprompter app for iPhone and Android

Gear for recording with your computer

Using your computer?

Use our iRecord web-based video recorder.

Follow the directions below.

  1. Click the button below to enter our online video studio

  2. Record yourself

  3. Wait until your video has uploaded- it appears on the left sidebar

  4. Watch your video and re-record if needed.

  5. Again wait for your video to upload.

Sharon guides you how to use iRecord  for best results.

Classroom Replay

Missing a PDF? Can’t find your password?