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Our approach to creating videos for advisors is much like our approach to delivering presentations – stories matter. Idea Decanter presentations are geared toward training advisors how to successfully script videos that connect with their target audience. And we also believe that learning practical performance tips will make creating videos easier for anyone. Of course, showing videos and getting the audience on their feet for some interaction is a part of the plan. Every moment of your time matters and we’re not about wasting it.


Convert Your Prospects to Clients in 2 Minutes

Play Video


Unlocking the $72.6 Trillion Opportunity: How to Serve the Next Generation of Investors

60 minutes

How to Build a Video Lead Funnel that Converts

60 minutes

Video Bootcamp: How to get over your jitters and record like a pro

30 – 60 minutes

“Idea Decanter was able to present relevant content on how to engage and reach our target audience in any environment using an innovative video format. The session answered so many key questions and gave my group the confidence to do it!”
Faith Doyle, MBA, CFP®
Webb Investment Services
“Loved the tools, tips and secrets to making video. They gave us information we can take home and use in a DIY format.”
RJ Practice Management Workshop
“Laura and Sharon gave my audience tools they could use and the inspiration they needed to get started.”
Marci Fried
Sr. Business Consultant, The Women Are Here
“We have done a few events now with Laura and Sharon at Idea Decanter, and we are always impressed. Their message is constantly clear, concise, and always engaging.”
Tyler Murray
Director Of Business Development at Pareto Systems
“Learned some great tips and tools on how to make my videos even better. Well instructed and well guided.”
RJ Practice Management Workshop


Elite Wealth Advisors Symposium (EWAS) 2024

Ready to growth-hack a marketing strategy that will get you results? Idea Decanter co-founders and video marketing experts Sharon Gottula and Laura Garfield simplified the steps to set up funnels that drive cold leads into long-lasting client relationships. Along the way, advisors got some great video marketing strategies to speed up conversions.

FPA Chapter Leaders Conference 2024

In this interactive Video Bootcamp, chapter leaders learned how to get over their jitters and record like pros! They walked away with skills to gain confidence and push past their biggest video roadblocks from Idea Decanter co-founders Sharon Gottula and Laura Garfield. In 60 minutes they learned how to harness the power of video to grow their business and to improve chapter recruitment and retention.

Raymond James Practice Intelligence Workshop 2023

Is it time for you to get the results you want from video marketing? In this 3-hour workshop, Raymond James advisors learned how to use a strategy that harnesses the power of video to convert prospects to clients. Our Lead Funnel process  speeds up conversion rates for advisors and we show you how.

Nitrogen 2023

An overlooked business growth opportunity is hidden in the next generation of investors. Often ignored because of a current lack of investable assets, younger Gen X and Millennials are poised to inherit. Cerulli Associates research projects $72.6 trillion in assets will be transferred to heirs through 2045. Laura Garfield & Sharon Gottula, founders of Idea Decanter, showed advisors how to connect and unlock this untapped market.

FPA Annual Conference 2023

For years you’ve known it was time to start recording videos. Stop putting it off and make it happen. Learn skills to gain confidence and get past your biggest video roadblocks from Idea Decanter co-founders Sharon Gottula and Laura Garfield.  In this session you build your own pre-shoot ritual, get the chance to step on stage for some live on-cam performance coaching, and leave feeling more comfy on camera. Give it 30 minutes and you’ll be ready to harness the power of video to grow your business!

FPA Annual Conference 2023

Recording a video is one thing. Using it to move the needle in your business is another. If you aren’t getting the results you expect from video marketing, it’s time to change that. Learn how other advisors are using videos to engage prospects and convert them to clients. Laura Garfield & Sharon Gottula, founders of Idea Decanter, deliver a template and easy-to-follow steps to build a lead funnel that works. Get ready to “borrow” some best practices from advisors who’ve had lead funnel success.

JOLT! 2023

How real are you willing to get with your marketing? Sharing your own colorful analogy might not feel too risky. How about adding in a personal experience? Details of your life? Your own beliefs and perspective?
There is a line to be drawn between your marketing messaging and what you’d say on a therapist’s couch.

Raymond James Chairman’s Retreat 2022

Who would say no to a few nights at the Ritz? When we were asked to share our best video strategies with the top 100 producers at Raymond James … and we heard it was at the Ritz Carlton in Chicago … it was a pretty easy Yes! What we shared on that stage with some of the best advisors in the country was a strategy that can add the spark you need to light up your lead funnel. 

Copy of Great Ideas Katie #2 (2)

Raymond James Practice Management Workshop 2021

When the Raymond James practice management organizers extended an invitation to train advisors to create marketing videos, we jumped at the chance. Little did they know, Sharon would have them on their feet jumping and hopping around to get rid of those pre-shoot jitters.

Social media secrets spilled

Advisor 2X’s Wealth@work 2021

What happens when you get two social media moguls in the room? You’d better be ready for a lot of ideas coming at you fast and furious.


The REAL Story Behind the Idea Decanter Name

In the verdant landscape of the Pacific Northwest, where the air is infused with the earthy scent of vineyards and the promise of fine wine, a unique business story unfolded. It’s a tale that intertwines the rich heritage of winemaking with the dynamic world of video marketing, giving birth to

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Idea Decanter’s Top 10 Team Values

Once every four months, Idea Decanter gathers virtually as a team for Development Day. Why three times a year? Four seemed too much, and two was not often enough. We dedicated one of these Dev Days to identifying our personal values and then figuring out how they aligned with the

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Idea Decanter Co-Founders: Sharon Gottula and Laura Garfield.
Laura Garfield
Sharon Gottula

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