Tears of Joy from a Teaching Tool

Tell someone to get onto Client Access and start using it and they might look at you like you’re suggesting they take the next SpaceX ride. There’s a reason for their fear. Navigating an unfamiliar website can feel a little like you’ve landed on a new planet.

Careful, don’t touch that! It might explode!

Of course, there’s no button inside Client Access you can accidentally click that is going to undo all the financial planning work you’ve done together. In fact, the tools that Raymond James has built there can open a whole new universe for clients. Especially when you can show them how to change delivery preferences from mail to email, point them to the fastest way to get their tax documents, or walk them through depositing a check with their phone. All of these things can change their experience as a client. And free up your team to do more productive work! That’s what the Idea Factory videos are all about.


You may try to talk clients through it in a phone call. That’s never easy: 

“No, click there. Right on the menu bar at the top. You don’t see it?” 

The conversations can drag on and on. You may email them a pdf. At least you’re giving them instructions, but reading about it is definitely not the same as a visual, step-by-step tutorial.

It’s possible you’ve already thought of this. Genius! Here’s the thing. Producing video on your own can end up looking sub-par if you go the DIY route. You’ve worked to carefully craft your brand, so don’t make your clients suffer through an unedited screen record that is hard to hear or follow. You may have looked into hiring a team to produce tutorial videos for you, but that can be expensive.

People enjoy watching videos to learn things. Come on, admit it. You’ve probably watched a YouTube on how to fix your refrigerator or your software or your kid’s toy. The reason YouTube is now the second most popular search engine (read more from Forbes) after Google is because video is not just entertaining, it’s a great way to teach.


Wondering what you might need to teach them? 22 videos are ready and waiting in the Idea Factory suite


There’s no point in having a bunch of videos to train your clients, if you don’t have a plan for how to use them in your practice. Here’s where it gets fun. You have so many options. Try working the videos into your new client onboarding process. Create a blog calendar and release a video every other month. Build a page on your website that’s gives one-click access to your library of tutorial videos. Here are some more ideas you can steal, errrr rather, use:

To say Idea Factory member Nate LeGrand is excited to release the video to help clients find their tax documents by themselves would be an understatement. This tax season, Nate’s going to head off phone calls by sending out a dedicated email in early February with the “Where are my tax documents?” video. Clients can click the play button in the email and have the answer right away. He’s also including the “Signing into Client Access” for any of his clients who haven’t used it yet.


When Nate first heard about the Idea Factory membership, he said, “Listen guys, this is going to make my client service team members cry.” Are you ready to see some tears of joy over tutorial videos? Visit the Idea Factory membership page to get started. And pick up a few boxes of Kleenex.

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