The Biggest Mistake You Can Make with Video Marketing

Do you know that feeling when anger and frustration well up inside you after you hear something you know is wrong? That happened to me this week and what lit the match matters to you, too.

We’re all about creating video that helps you meet your goals. None of us are here to create videos because it boosts our egos.

Effective video marketing is about using stories to:

  1. Connect with your audience
  2. Inspire them to Engage – meaning listen to what you’re saying and emotionally react
  3. And Convert them – either to deciding to work with you or, for existing clients, to your community


Back to getting really mad. The spark that set this off was when an advisor we work with told me her broker dealer sent out some marketing “tips” about video. The key point: Don’t talk about yourself. Just use facts and figures and give people tips.

I picked up my wireless keyboard and started beating it against my head. Well, I didn’t, but I was that mad. This came from a marketing department with no experience in video marketing. Zip. Zero. Zilch. And it goes against everything we know to be true about video.

Ask Dave. Ask Fernando. Their success with video marketing comes directly from sharing stories.


We believe so much in telling your story at Idea Decanter that we’ve made videos for our bio pages. I recommend bios or “Why” videos so often for our clients that if we didn’t follow our own advice, it would be like a chef refusing to eating her own cooking.

I recently had to re-do my bio video because the 2016 version was starting to feel really outdated. We saved some of the original (look for the straight hair), but I revamped the script and we added a few new visual sequences. I’d love for you to spend 60 seconds watching this and then consider:

  1. Do you feel like you know me better?
  2. Did the video make you like or dislike me?
  3. Do you trust what I’m saying about getting personal?

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