The REAL Story Behind the Idea Decanter Name

In the verdant landscape of the Pacific Northwest, where the air is infused with the earthy scent of vineyards and the promise of fine wine, a unique business story unfolded. It’s a tale that intertwines the rich heritage of winemaking with the dynamic world of video marketing, giving birth to a company with a name as distinctive as its services: Idea Decanter.

The Roots in Wine 

The journey of Idea Decanter is a testament to the adage that great ideas often stem from personal passions. For Laura Garfield and Sharon Gottula, the co-founders, their love for exploring new wines was not just a leisurely pursuit but the seed that sprouted into their entrepreneurial venture. In 2014, they embarked on a mission to marry their expertise in video marketing with their enthusiasm for viticulture.

A Taste of Success 

As they navigated through the initial year, their dual dedication to their craft and their pastime bore fruit. Their work, a reflection of their zeal and creativity, caught the eyes of many through the lens of social media. The videos capturing the essence of the harvest and the crush resonated with viewers, drawing attention far beyond the wine community.

The Pivot to Financial Services 

Idea Decanter’s path took a turn when financial advisors, impressed by the authenticity and storytelling in the wine videos, reached out with requests of their own. This influx of interest from a different sector prompted Laura and Sharon to reassess their trajectory. The realization dawned that while their hearts belonged to the world of wine, their business was destined for a broader horizon.

The Legacy Lives On 

The decision to pivot did not mean leaving behind their origins. Instead, it allowed Idea Decanter to evolve, carrying with it the spirit of winemaking into every project. The name itself serves as a homage to their beginnings, a reminder that at the core of every successful venture lies a story worth sharing.

Raising a Glass to Your Story 

Today, Idea Decanter serves advisors who want to tell their own stories with clarity and impact. Laura and Sharon raise their glasses in a toast, not just to the memories of vineyards and vintages but to the stories yet to be told, the ideas yet to be decanted.


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