The Story Behind the “Empower a Scholar” Campaign

Friendship Academy of the Arts isn’t just any school. Sure, in the halls you’ll find students, like Ava, who show up excited to learn and in the classrooms are teachers who have dedicated their lives to teaching. But there’s something special about Friendship Academy.

It’s a public school that has the feel of a private school. And it’s meeting the needs of an under-served community in Minneapolis. Students pay no tuition and graduate with more than the standard curriculum. Leadership and the arts are at the core of their philosophy and, as you’ll see from this story, that philosophy is putting students on the path to success:

If you were inspired by Ava to join in this campaign to make a difference one student at a time, we invite you to join in the Empower a Scholar campaign. Thrivent is matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 through April 30th.


With a $50 donation (and a $50 Thrivent match) you can make Friendship Academy’s job of building future leaders easier by providing:

  • Headphones – $5
  • Device charger – $20
  • Device repair – $25
  • Water Bottles – $5
  • Uniforms – $15
  • Art Enrichment Services – $10
  • Intervention Services – $10
  • Classroom support – $10
    • Total = $100

We all want to make the world we live in a little better. That’s why, when we were approached by our friends at Thrivent and Crazy Good Talks about producing a video that could make a difference, we jumped at the chance. And that’s why we’re personally inviting you to join us and help empower a scholar, too!

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