The Strategy that Brought an Advisor 8 New Clients in 3 Months

In the world of visionaries, Saša Mirković is a bright light. Growing up in Sarajevo, he made his way to the U.S. with a suitcase and a dream. Once here, he built a successful financial planning practice from the ground up. Then he decided to show other advisors how he’d done it. When Saša launched the Inspire Network he knew a website would be key to helping his audience get to know who he was, what he offered, and ultimately give them a pathway to start working with him.

The strategy to grow this new business didn’t fall into place overnight. The first version of the Inspire Network website didn’t get much traction. Spreading the word about the coaching services was slow going. Until Saša got serious about content marketing.

The plan involved videos, regular posts to the website, social media campaigns, and some SEO work behind the scenes. You can follow the same 6-step Post & Promote strategy detailed below, but first, you’ll want to know what happened.

About 6 months after launching the new strategy, Inspire Network started to see results. In months 7-9 (Q1 of 2023), the strategy pulled in 8 new clients. Saša calls Inspire Network’s digital strategy his “air support,” while he’s doing the hand-to-hand combat of business growth on the ground. He presented at 5 events in 2022 to get the word out about Inspire Network. “I’m having conversations, connecting followers one-by-one, explains Saša. “That’s how you move to the tipping point or create a revolution.”


Kalli Collective began updating pages and optimizing the Inspire Network website in April. In June, the Idea Decanter + Kalli Collective Post & Promote strategy began.

The Post & Promote strategy expanded reach, grew followers and engagement, and produced more video views across all of Inspire Network’s digital platforms.

Follow This 6-Step Post & Promote Strategy

Saša’s “tipping point” of success was no accident. He has a marketing mind and sought out marketing teams to help him bring his ideas to life. By plugging together the services of Idea Decanter and Kalli Collective, Inspire Network’s website, social presence, and ultimately the businesses lead funnel were transformed. The process followed these 6 steps (and you can, too!):

Step 1: Create Consistently

Staying on track with a content plan can feel like sticking to a strict diet. It’s not easy to do it on your own. Outsourcing content creation was the first move in the Inspire Network plan. The team relied on Idea Decanter to create video content and Kalli Collective to add non-video posts to the mix. All that content then flowed into a Posting system:

  1. Videos were posted on YouTube & embedded into the website
  2. Additional content, including blog articles, were scheduled to post to the website and social media

Video was an important piece of the strategy because it gave website visitors an interactive experience and helped people get to know the people behind Inspire Network. 

Website pages with video, like “Meet the Team” and “Our Why”, consistently ranked high. Video also gets visitors to spend more time on your page, and time spent “sticking around” a website is an important Google criterion for evaluating the quality of your site.

When you want prospective clients to stop in their tracks and investigate, use video. And post new content with video consistently.

Step 2: Share on Social

Once the content was live on Inspire Network’s website, it was shared to social … in this case Facebook & LinkedIn. Releasing new content consistently on all social platforms helps give you an organic boost in both reach and engagement. When that content is video, you have an advantage. Posts featuring a video are about 1,200% more likely to be shared on social media.

It’s important to note that this step wasn’t “set it and forget it” for Saša. He routinely checked in on Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to connect with people, leave comments on their posts, and respond to comments on his own content.

Step 3: Run Campaigns

Getting active on social media isn’t enough anymore. This isn’t 2014. Simply posting and hoping to gain traction won’t work. Saša knew that, which is why he leveraged Kalli Collective to create paid campaigns around his content.

When you advertise your social posts, you will reach more people. To get results, it’s “Pay to Play” on Facebook, LinkedIn, or any social platform you’re using. For Inspire Network, advertised campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook increased reach and followers. The business content began to gain traction.

Step 4: Promote Your Website

Sharing and promoting content on social media can help you grab attention, but once you have that attention, it’s time to drive your audience back to your website. Think of your website as your home turf. This is the real estate you control.

Inspire Network’s posts helped the audience get to know the brand, but also routinely invited them to visit the website.

Step 5: Clarify the Next Step

At last … you’re getting more traffic to your website! The content strategy is working, so don’t blow it. This part is really important. Now that they’re back on your home turf, invite them to take the next step. 

“Learn More” and “Let’s Talk” buttons are easy to find when you visit These clear conversion tools help website visitors become clients, which is exactly what you want.

Try adding a video to a landing page to get even more results. Using videos on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%.

Step 6: Get results

Hope you’re ready for some new business. Inspire Network followed this Post & Promote strategy to a tee and gained 8 clients in 3 months.

Kalli Fedusenko, founder of Kalli Collective, says this strategy works for any business. “Seeing the results we’ve helped create for Inspire Network makes me confident that, hey, this does work! For an advisor, content marketing can be overwhelming. When you find a team to do most of the heavy lifting, it’s worth it. It just takes consistency and the courage to stick to a plan.”

Want to read more “proof in the pudding” about an advisor who used this strategy to grow his business? Check out this blog.

The power of consistently creating, posting & promoting video content is clear You get results. 

Are you ready to get started creating, engaging, and converting prospects to clients?

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