What do you Wear for Your Video Shoot?

Nobody ever tuned in to the red carpet arrivals to hear what the celebs were saying. We want to know, “What was she wearing?!?”

In your business, substance is important, but let’s not forget style. When you’re getting ready for a video shoot you have to spend some time figuring out wardrobe. Not at the “celebrity going to the Oscars” level, but let’s give it some thought!

Dressing for the camera isn’t quite the same as dressing for … well, just about anything else.

  • There are certain patterns and colors that the camera just doesn’t like.
  • For women, makeup and accessories can both create some issues.
  • Men have some style tips of their own.
  • And let’s not forget, the camera adds 10 pounds!


How can you make sure you look your best on screen? The video below has tips on all of the above. And, no … you don’t need to start a juice fast. You can work with what you’ve got. Find out how to look like you on your best day 

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