Secrets to Mastering the Teleprompter

Reading from a teleprompter is about as natural as ice skating down the street on a warm summer day. Or baking a complicated cake with no recipe. Or, in my case, trying to knit anything. 

In short — it doesn’t come easy. But know this:

You will get better with practice.

What does script practice look like? There is a low-tech option and a more tech-y way. Take your pick.

#1 Mirror, Mirror

You have one hanging over your bathroom sink, though you never thought you’d use it like this! 

Print off your script and then use your reflection as the audience. Read through it two or three times and watch your pacing. Make sure you’re emphasizing the right words. Try delivering it like you were reading a bedtime story. What can you do with your hands to emphasize important points? 

Practice really does make perfect.

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#2 There’s an App for That!

During your record session, we’ll be rolling a teleprompter for you. But to rehearse, you can download an app and practice your script. Here are a couple we’ve tried that are really easy to use:

Telepromter Pro: 

  • You can use this app for free for your first few scripts
  • Very simple to use


  • Web-based  (No app needed)

If you decide to practice every script with a teleprompter app before your record session (yay you!), then it’s worth upgrading to a paid version of an app that gives you unlimited use of the features.

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