Turn Your Presentation Skills into Video Skills

If you’re like most people, you fall into one of two camps. You either feel comfortable on stage, giving a presentation to an audience. Or you feel more comfortable by yourself, talking to a camera.

I, for one, fall into the second group. My stomach gets queasy and my hands get clammy thinking about stepping up on stage with all eyes on me. But if you’ve learned to master the art of public speaking, you can learn to translate those skills to video.

There are 4 main points you need to pivot to get your on-camera presence right:

  • Keep it down: Don’t over-project
  • Stick to your mark: Don’t move around
  • Find a focal point: Don’t look around
  • Tone it down: Don’t flail around


To learn more about how to make a flawless transition from stage to screen, watch the video below and get ready to record you first Idea Kit video.

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