Top 2023 Video Ideas for Financial Advisors

Do you ever feel like the marketing videos you see are all kind of saying the same thing?

In an industry where personal relationships are what drive people to you – and keep people with you – you need to make real connections.

Video is a great way to do that, as long as you are making those videos memorable and speaking directly to what people need when they need it.

There are four types of videos you should consider adding to your content plan in 2023 to help you accomplish that. And we dive into each one of them in this Advisor Video Academy, complete with examples of successful videos from other advisors.

Here’s a roadmap to get the most out of this video:

   Cheat Sheet

   Questions Answered:

          4:36 Make your videos memorable

          6:30 Video idea #1: Timely topics

          12:30 Video idea #2: Funnel step videos

          19:20 Video idea #3: Videos geared toward the next generation

          24:15 Video idea #4: Key emotional turning points

          28:15 Bonus: Outside-the-box videos

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