Truly Disturbing Stock Video Will Scare the “Boo” Out of You! 

‘Tis the season to be willingly freaked out

Think elaborate haunted houses and ghosts and ghouls ringing your doorbell. This year, in the spirit of Halloween, we’re getting in on the scare factor.

Our editor and Idea Kit coach, Taylor, noticed a frightening trend as she was searching for just the right stock shots. She kept digging up disturbing video clips that make us wonder, “Is anybody actually looking for a video like this?”

You can bury your fears because we’re not going to sneak any of these shots into your next video. Unless, of course, you happen to be talking about someone sitting on a toilet at sunset. In that case, we’ve unearthed a clip that will work perfectly. No joke.

Hope this Halloween treat from the Idea Decanter editing team isn’t too scary for you!

Play Video about Halloween Stock

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