Use Pacing and Vocal Inflection to Upgrade Your On-Cam Performance

Have you used a teleprompter yet? It’s a great tool if you have trouble memorizing your script, have a compliance-approved script, or your script has a lot of facts and figures you can’t get wrong. But, it can be difficult to read the teleprompter and not sound like you’re reading a teleprompter.


Here at Idea Decanter we want you to look as natural and as authentically you as possible. How do you do that? Think of it as a performance when you step in front of the camera. By choreographing your vocal inflections and pacing you’ll sound passionate and keep your audience’s attention.


Most people read faster than they naturally talk. Well, except for those of you from New York. If you slow down your delivery, you can make sure you don’t gloss over the important information you’re sharing.

Ready to get your inflection and pacing dialed in? Here are some tips:

Want more help? You can sign up for our one-on-one Performance Bootcamp and we’ll create a customized process tailored just for you so that you rock your next on-cam performance.

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