Video Marketing Secrets: The Turkey Dinner Approach

If you’re feeling the temperatures beginning to drop, you’re probably also anticipating the arrival of Thanksgiving. The family gatherings, the parades, the season’s best football games . . . oh who are we kidding? It’s the food! It’s the eating we’re most looking forward to!

And if we’re being really honest?

It’s the leftovers! In fact, perhaps the greatest thing about a turkey dinner is the nourishment it provides in the days after it was first served. There’s evidence to back up our theory . . . If you Google “Thanksgiving Leftovers,” you’ll find about 12,200,000 results in under one second. Almost everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving is also planning meals around what’s not consumed on the day of giving thanks.

And that fact got us thinking about how to turn one juicy story idea into a cornucopia of content – by the way, it’s no exaggeration when we tell you: the turkey dinner approach to video marketing is wayyy easier than cooking the perfect turkey.

We developed an easy-bake recipe for Thanksgiving-style Content Leftovers, and – great news! – it uses only one ingredient and can be completed in four easy steps!

Recipe for Video Marketing Leftovers


(1) Longer format piece of content – think, for example, an expert interview.


  1. Edit long-form content in its full-length form. If it’s an expert interview, for example, take the time to ask plenty of questions your audience wants answered. And share the content.
  2. Next, edit the full-length down to several 3-min versions of any of the key points. You’ll use these “leftovers” as short videos and audio clips for promotional purposes. Again, share the content.
  3. Find snackable 15- or 30-second concepts and cut those up. You can make these into soundbites and embedded witticisms. You guessed it, share this content. 
  4. Find good quotes from the long-form content and create visuals for social media and your webpage. Share, share, and share some more!

Our friends over at ProudMouth have actually made this recipe many times over in their advisor podcasting “test kitchen.” They can take a single podcast interview and create 18 pieces of content from it. Talk about making the most of your leftovers! That’s an 18x return on investment from one interview!

Worried about your leftovers getting stale?

You might be thinking to yourself, “Well, but sometimes I get a little tired of that leftover turkey and the stuffing stops sounding so good.” Is finding new ways to use the same core content really a great idea?

Matt Halloran, who co-founded ProudMouth along with his partner, Kirk Lowe, encourages us not to worry about content-morsels getting boring. And he should know – his team at ProudMouth has been successfully enabling their clients to produce authentic and valuable content to power their content marketing strategy since 2017. Matt offers this logical reassurance:

Repetition of message and idea is the key to great marketing! Advisors think people remember everything they say; but they don't remember about 80% of what is said. You have to say it over and over for it to stick.

Like Matt, we’ve also had great success with our own recipe – helping Idea Kit customers attract new audiences by creating video content you’ll want to share … more than you want to share that last piece of pumpkin pie!

Want one more great idea from Matt? It’s a recipe he calls Slump. Matt combines just-right measurements of leftover turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, and stuffing into one bowl, and his family gobbles it up post-Thanksgiving year after year. The metaphors for Slump and content are endless, but we’ll save that for next year’s Thanksgiving blog!

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