Video Marketing Wins with Duncan MacPherson: Creating PGA-Level Video Marketing

With the Master’s Tournament fast approaching, we’re thinking a lot about how meaningful golf metaphors can be in the world of Video Marketing. And while you might not always think about your goals in terms of golf comparisons, when you’re trying to reach potential and existing clients, doing so can be a helpful tactic.


Think of video marketing, for instance, as the front nine of Augusta National (super challenging) and consider that choosing the right words to say in your video is just as important as your clubface control – in golf, accuracy requires a combination of both aim and clubface control. Your aim can be correct, but the ball won’t hit the target if your clubface is pointed in the wrong direction on impact. Same thing with video marketing. Your message might be correct, but if you don’t control how you deliver that message, you won’t even get on the green.


Words are also like clubs in that they behave differently in different situations. The total distance you hit each club in your bag will depend on ground conditions – so you won’t hit the ball as far when it is cold as you will in the height of the summer. Smart golfers, therefore, rely on carry yardages; they know the exact yardage they carry each club in the bag. By knowing carry yardages, golfers can be far more precise with distances. In the same vein, by addressing your client’s unique unmet needs and knowing exactly how you will help them achieve their goals, you can build your authenticity and your audience’s trust.


In golf, it’s essential to know where the power in your swing originates. Any good golf coach will tell you: as you start to bring your club back, get your hands as far away from your ear as possible and then maintain that width all the way to the top of the backswing. A wider swing arc will fuel a powerful, faster downswing and will eliminate pop-up drives and slices. Similarly, when you’re making a video, the same fundamentals apply – you need to find the power in your presentation and show it all the way through in order to activate both your distinctiveness and your clients’ advocacy.

In fact, if you want to elevate your pitch and achieve professional contrast, it’s essential that you articulate your value in a way that’s impossible to dismiss. Sort of like Tiger did in 2000.

Not sure where to start?

Check out the latest installment of our series: Video Marketing Wins with Duncan McPherson. In this episode, Laura and Sharon talk to Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems about the impact Leo Walker makes on his audience with his careful word choice and engaging demeanor.

As a Certified Private Wealth Advisor and a Senior Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo, Leo knows he must demonstrate aptitude in communicating both contrast and advocacy – two important factors in reaching his clients. He manages to do both, with aplomb.

And if you watch closely, you might even spot Leo’s own golf reference. He’s earned a Green Jacket in our book, for sure.

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