Video Marketing Wins with Duncan MacPherson feat. Ari Baum

Let’s get one thing straight about video marketing: Finding your story shouldn’t be a road block.

There are many legit reasons to put off creating videos like:

  • I have a sunburn on one half of my face
  • My Botox injection gave me a black eye
  • I have Shingles
  • My hair stylist cancelled on me
  • I forgot to charge my phone and my battery just died
  • My mic is missing and my light disappeared

You think we’re kidding? These are all very real causes for shoot delays. However, you’ll notice the “what to say” part is not on the list. Telling the right story shouldn’t be getting you off track.


To help give you confidence to effectively connect with your audience, we’ve brought in an expert on practice management who also knows a thing or two about video marketing — Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems.

Together we show you an example of successful storytelling and help you uncover what makes it work. Check out this video made by Ari Baum of Endurance Wealth Partners (with a little help from our Idea Kit team). See what you think works about this video and consider how you might follow Ari’s footprints:

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