We Declare a “Sign War” on our Wealthies Competition

When was the last time you were up for an award?

Back in my TV news days, there were these Edward R. Murrow awards and news Emmys. The judging was all very behind-the-scenes. I always wondered, if there are a bunch of great stories, how do you pick a winner? 

When we found out Idea Kit remote video had been picked as a finalist for a Wealthies award by the brilliant, discerning, and good-looking judges over at WealthManagement.com, we immediately started wondering …


The fact is, Snappy Kracken’s Cold to Gold framework, eMoney Advisor’s Bamboo, and Clout (by Tifin) are surely all well-deserving contenders. There’s just no way for us to know:

      • What the judges were looking for,
      • How Idea Kit stacked up against the other marketing solutions,
      • Or how much my feet are going to hurt walking in heels from the hotel to the black tie gala next week in New York. Okay, maybe I’m the only one worried about getting back into heels after a nearly 2-year sabbatical.

But the one thing we know for certain … we can make a video about it. 

We can, and we did.

Please enjoy 70 seconds of us taunting our Wealthies competition:

Play Video

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