Website Refresh Puts Idea Kit Front and Center

Website Refresh Puts Idea Kit Front and Center

There’s nothing quite like a renovation.

If it’s your house, you begin to wonder why you waited so long to do it. When it’s your website, it feels the same!

We’re excited to invite you to check out our overhaul (and tell you a little of the backstory behind the refresh).

Take a tour of the website and make sure you don’t miss these 5 features:


#1 “Stop Your Scroll” Stats

Your business has its own set of KPIs (key performance indicators). For video marketers like us, one KPI we love to track is the number of videos produced. We mainly do that remotely these days with Idea Kit, so “Remote Videos Produced” seemed like a banner-worthy number: 776 to date!

For all you Idea Kit creators, thanks for helping to make this number add up!

#2 Team Time

Back when we founded Idea Decanter, it was pretty much just the Sharon & Laura show. We put ourselves on the homepage and called it good.

These days, it takes a crew of talented people to keep Idea Kit running smoothly.

It was time for a team page. Check out our fun job titles! There’s nothing I love more than meeting someone for the first time on a Zoom and having them refer to me as the “Word Wrangler”. It’s a sure sign they get us!

#3 How to Make Things Easy

Saving time by creating how-to videos is something we talk to clients about. That’s why we put our money where our mouth was, so to speak.

Under the “Video Performance” tab there’s a “Ready to Record” option that is all about exactly that … getting Idea Kit clients ready for their first record session. We made videos for every step of the way. And we don’t mind that these videos save us time!

#4 Sticking to your Blog

We help advisors build a content plan and coach them through sticking to it. There’s both discipline and dedication involved in content marketing. We know because we do the exact same thing. Every week we post a fresh article or video to our Blog. Many of them come from questions we hear from advisors.

#5 See our Samples

We love to share samples of great advisor marketing videos. In fact, on our old website, this was one of the most-visited stops. This hot spot is a little library where you can check out what advisors are talking about in their videos.

In our refreshed website, we moved this little library to a new home with a purpose. We realized if we placed one of our most popular stops on a page with great info about our most popular service, we’d have a win-win.

If you’re considering a website refresh, we wish you luck. This little make-over was supposed to take a few months. Six months later, we’re thrilled it’s finally done. Except, with websites, is it ever really done?

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