When It’s Time to Revise Your Website Homepage Video

If you are having a dinner party at your house, before everyone arrives, you probably make everything look as tidy as possible. At my house, this is a frenzied top floor to bottom freight train of activity. Sometimes involving throwing random things into a laundry basket as I go. Because nobody wants to sit down to eat at my house if it’s a mess. (At least that’s what my mother taught me – people judge).

Same goes for the homepage of your website. When your faceless website traffic arrives at your homepage, they are just like a panel of Olympic judges. 

Judging your text. Judging your design. And judging your video.

In the 20-teens you likely added a video to your homepage, like many advisors did. But every two years, it’s worth running a frenzied freight train through that homepage and judge it like you were sitting on an Olympic panel. Go ahead, be the tough German judge. Your homepage can take it.

Giving Your Homepage Video a Makeover

That’s just what Evolve Financial Planning’s founder Jackie Kimmel recently did. And when she rated her own homepage video, she didn’t give it a top score. That told her one thing: Time to update.

Jackie’s original homepage video was recorded in 2020 and says it did a great job for four years helping her website visitors get to know her.

But Jackie’s 2020 messaging had changed over the years. And when she watched the video again with a critical eye, she knew it was time to update it.

Two Reasons a Do-Over is Worth It

Reason 1: Differentiators

When people hit your website, they are looking for a good fit. Many advisors use the same language (read: boring jargon). A video can really help you stand out from the crowd.

“Everyone has a different story to tell,” says Jackie. “Having such a personal video helps the prospective client find the ‘right’ fit when it comes to core beliefs of an advisor.”

Reason 2: Referrals

Most advisors don’t even think about the other major benefit, referrals. Your clients already know you and love you, right?

True, but having a new homepage video gives you an opportunity to share it with them.

Sharing her updated homepage video with her raving fans was a top priority for Jackie. It helped bring her back to ‘top of mind’ and  reinforce ‘the buying decision’ … both of which inspired her clients to make introductions. “It gives them a place to send those referrals to get to know me a bit before they ever pick up the phone.”

Want to see how Jackie’s video turned out? You can watch it here:

Find out how you can update your homepage video to activate referrals and give your website visitors the best possible impression? Our Idea Kit team can help. Click here to talk about your project.

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