When to Start Planning your Holiday Video 

Is there any way to make 2020 end? While there’s no fast-forward button, we can get you focused on the finish line even though it’s just September. Now is the time to start the planning for your year-end video. Will it make Fall go faster? We can’t make any promises, but it might take your mind off your kids’ virtual learning and your vacation get-away that is still on hold.


Yes, my friends. September is the time to start brainstorming your concept. October is the time to record it. Then you can sit back, kick your feet up on your desk (are you still wearing slippers?), and let your worries about your holiday video melt away. Ahhhh…


For that, we turn to Nashville advisor David Adams. You might call David the consummate marketer. He might scoff at the accolades but this guy has mastered the trifecta of spot-on branding, consistent messaging, and a dog who makes frequent cameos. 

Last year, David and his team donned Christmas suits and we helped them put together a personality-forward video. Why go the “fun” route? Here’s what David has to say:

“Clients want to see you are a real person, and not hiding behind the suit (or for us jeans and t shirts)….show your personality!  We like to balance out fun/goofy with serious/technical…it’s a delicate balance but one that once you find, will pay dividends (pun intended).”

David Adams, President, David Adams Wealth Group

Ready to start planning your holiday video? Click here to schedule a call to get started.

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