Why You Might be Focused on the Wrong Audience

If you had to choose, would you focus your video marketing strategy on your existing clients or your prospects? 

That’s one of the first questions we ask when we start working with you.

Nine out of ten times the answer is, 

“Well, I’m doing this to grow my business, so my audience is prospects, obviously!”

There are a lot of ways to use video to begin to build a connection with a prospect. And once you have them engaged, video can be a powerful tool to convert those prospects to clients. But, in this whole equation, you’ve forgotten about the most important relationships of all — those you have with your existing clients.


I see that dubious look on your face, but hear me out. After spending the first weekend of the season watching my son Charlie’s first four “friendly” games and catching some Stanley cup action, too, I’m somewhat of a hockey mom expert. 

Here’s where video marketing comes in: It’s easy to just chase the puck. That’s all little hockey players do initially. They are like a tiny herd chasing that puck up and down the ice. It takes years of good coaching to teach positioning. Eventually players learn where to play on the ice so you are open for the pass. Then you can make the play when it counts. 

Now imagine that puck is the latest shiny marketing idea that will transform your business. Don’t join the tiny herd. Consider the strategy behind making clients the target audience for your videos:


There’s no list you need to build, research you need to do, or networking to accomplish to find your clients. You know exactly how to get in front of them. In fact, they’re happy to hear from you!


Figuring out the right topics and messaging for your clients is as simple as tracking your recent client conversations. What questions are coming up repeatedly? If it mattered to a couple of clients, chances are that most or all of them will be interested, too.


Who better to tell others to work with you than happy clients? When you make clients the center of your video marketing strategy, they will not just enjoy your messages, but they will learn how to talk about you to others. Giving your clients the tools to explain to others how you can help is like adding jet fuel to your marketing strategy.

As advisor Jon Wax, President & CEO of Waller & Wax Advisors, planned his video strategy, clients were at the center of it. Ask him why and he’ll tell you, it’s just an extension of the team’s commitment to service. With Jon’s video, “They can watch it at their leisure when it’s convenient for them,” he explains. When you make it easy and deliver meaningful content, you can’t help but connect.

Learn more about how we help you choose your audience, build your strategy, and record your videos remotely with Idea Kit.

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