Winning New Clients, One Video & One Email at a Time

How hard are you willing to work to earn a new client?

Would you put in a week’s work? A day? An hour?

For advisor Dave Pulcini of SixPoint Financial Partners, the answer is, “Whatever it takes.” The guy is a marketing machine. And he’s got a book of business to show for it. He recently started creating videos remotely with Idea Kit. And when you see the results he got with his first video, you will want to know exactly how he did it.


You’ve probably heard that stories connect us. Finding Dave’s story didn’t take too much digging. The guy has a mind for numbers, and he has the memory to prove it.

In his “Why” story, you learn a little something about how the SixPoint team cares for clients and the culture of his team. And you hear all about Dave’s memory for all things that come with a digit:


What’s remarkable about Dave’s video is what he did with it once it was finished. He sat down at his computer and started drafting personalized emails. He took that “Why” video and emailed it to 46 of his top clients with a customized message for each one of them.

Warning: This took a while. Dave spent five hours on this.

In each personal email, he referenced a friend or family member the client had mentioned to him in some past conversation. He also encouraged them to share his video with that person. And finally, he included his Calendly link for booking a meeting.


Within two weeks of sending out those 46 emails with his “Why” story video, Dave had ten new meetings booked. So far, 6 of those prospects have signed on as clients, bringing millions of dollars to the firm.

Are you hesitant to ask for referrals? Dave says you shouldn’t be. When it came to this strategy, he looks at it this way:

“I felt like I earned the right to ask. This video is just set up perfectly for an introduction. And it was like instant credibility with the current clients, even if they didn’t refer me to somebody, they think it’s great.”

In addition to it being a credibility tool for existing clients and a referral tool for prospects, the SixPoint team is also using Dave’s “Why” video as a key step in their process. The video is emailed to everyone who schedules a first meeting.

Dave has gotten a lot of positive feedback from other advisors, clients, and even family members, who say he’s a natural on camera. Always humble, Dave says, “I’m not. I’m telling you, Idea Decanter makes it easy.”

Ready to learn more about creating videos that get results? Schedule a call to find out about remote video with Idea Kit.

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