Your 6-Week Client Communication Kit

You are in the business of helping clients. Nothing is going to stop you. But helping them one-by-one is not scalable when so much is changing so quickly and you’re hampered by quarantines and battling 24-7 doom and gloom messaging.

Never mind social distancing, with video, you can sit down individually with each of your clients. And you can do it all at the same time. This one-to-many approach will save you time and deliver just the right message to your clients.


On Tuesday of this past week, advisor Fernando Ereneta of Legacy Wealth Advisors in the Chicago area recorded his first remote video — a message to his clients. He released it on Thursday and 8 minutes later, got an email back from a prospect. His team on-boarded the prospect the same day. Later that afternoon, they on-boarded a 2nd prospect and Fernando gives credit to the video for helping to nurture that relationship too.

Nearly half of the 300 clients and prospects who received the email sharing the video opened it and watched 95% of his 3-minute message (you can see it here). They stuck with him till the disclaimer! That’s an amazing metric. And within 24 hours Fernando had more than 500 video views on LinkedIn. Let me put this in perspective, that kind of organic performance and engagement is unheard of for advisors in normal times. But right now your clients and prospects not only want to hear from you, many of them have time on their hands to engage.


We hear you. That’s why we’ve put together a 6-video package that you can record in as little as 90 minutes. We’ll guide you through it all remotely with Idea Kit.

  • The scripts are already written to save you time.
  • The messaging is positive and actionable.
  • You’ll have a choice of 7 topics — you pick 6.

We recommend sending one video each week to your clients to bridge the unknown. To get the first video in front of your clients quickly, we’re temporarily waving rush charges.

The pre-written scripts include:

  1. First Touch “State of the Union”
  2. Sage Advice to Investors
  3. Financial Therapy Tips
  4. Roth Conversions Right Now
  5. Silver Linings
  6. Kids + Money
  7. Estate Planning Urgency
  8. Is it Time to Refi?

Each script runs 2-3 minutes and you can customize it to make it your own.

Keep your clients connected and calm.

Request pricing and get started by emailing or scheduling a 15-minute free call here.

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