YouTube Rules

Let’s face it. It’s YouTube’s world – we just live in it.

Just ask CEO Susan Wojcicki. She’s led the $90 billion company since 2014. In a recent speech (posted on the YT blog, September 24, 2019), Wojcicki shared the “aha!” moment when she realized the nascent platform’s potential:

“The first video I saw was of some purple puppets singing in a foreign language. I wasn’t sure what to think. When it ended, there was a long pause…and then my kids shouted, ‘Play it again!’”

Want to watch the very first YouTube video uploaded on April 23, 2005? The one that had 80 million views? Here you go:

Wojcicki’s speech also included these two mind-blowing facts:

  1. Two billion people come to YouTube every month.
  2. There are over 500 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute by creators.

YouTube itself offers three more startling stats about its global dominance:

  1. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more U.S. consumers age 18-34 than any TV network.
  2. YouTube is localized in over 100 countries and can be accessed in 80 languages.
  3. Visitors watch 1 billion hours of content daily.

 Alexa ranks YouTube as second only in popularity to Google! 

Still not impressed? This Hootsuite rundown of YT users should do the job. (Short version: No matter what demographic you’re targeting, they’re on YouTube.)

Clearly, your business needs a YouTube presence. But where do you start? 


Visit the YouTube channel art template page for everything you need to create, set up and change your channel.

Don’t forget your Playlist – this Idea Decanter post breaks out the 4 reasons why they’re crucial.



Spend some quality time with YouTube’s handy tutorial on posting video, whether you’re using a computer, Android, iPad or iPhone.

Since channel art is just designed for computer viewers, you’ll have to upload a custom thumbnail to make your video look good on TV and mobile. 

Countless studies show that consumers watch, share and retain way more by watching videos than just reading text. So if you’re serious about boosting your business, you’ve got to add YouTube to your marketing mix. 

But remember (triple cliché alert): Short is sweet. Time is money. Less is more. Keep your message under 2 minutes for maximum impact – Idea Decanter co-founder Laura Garfield gives you the lowdown: 

At Idea Decanter, we show and “sell” your brand story by harnessing the incredible power of video. Plus: now we can even wave our high-tech magic wand and do it long-distance. (Check out Idea Kit.)

 Ready to talk about what we can do for you? Schedule a free, 15-minute call…today!

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